Antelope Point Powerboat/Watercraft* Rental Reservations

Small boat rentals at Antelope Point on Lake Powell are available from one day or more. To begin, select your preferred date (or start date if renting multiple days).

*Fishing, deck and ski boats, runabouts, kayaks and personal watercraft are considered watercraft or "small boats". Click here for houseboat rentals.

Select a Start Date:

Selecting your Start Date

For a Watercraft or watercraft rental, your start or "departure" date is the first day of your reservation. You typically will pick up your rental the morning of the first day.

Your last day, or "check-in" date is the day your rental is due back at the marina.

Select a Marina:

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Forever Resorts

Forever Resorts is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service and state and public agencies and operates under special use permits with the USDA Forest Service. Forever Resorts is a Committed Equal Opportunity Service Provider. Forever Resorts provides houseboat and watercraft rentals for Antelope Point Marina. Antelope Point Marina is owned and operated by Antelope Point Holdings, LLC, an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.